Big mistake made by BCCI? Fans also applied to become the coach of the Indian team

BCCI has recently started applications for the head coach of Team India. For this, the board had also issued a notification on social media.

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BCCI has recently started the search for the head coach of the Indian team. Current Coach Rahul Dravid's tenure is going to end after T20 World Cup 2024. Meanwhile, BCCI has issued applications for the recruitment of new coach, but the board seems to have made a big mistake.

BCCI uploaded Google form for recruitment of coach

This time BCCI has used Google Form for the recruitment of head coach. Meanwhile, this post also became available to internet users.

Rahul Dravid's tenure will end after the T20 World Cup to be held next month. In such a situation, Team India will get a new head coach in his place. However, there are some restrictions for the head coach. For this, the applicant should have played more than 30 test matches or 50 ODI matches in the past.

However, due to the public release of the Google form, fans also allegedly sent applications to the BCCI. Fans also shared its screenshots on social media.

Fans applied for head coach

Cricket fans also allegedly filled out applications for the head coach's medal through Google Form. During this time, some fans also shared its screenshots on social media, due to which it was ridiculed a lot.

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