iSportIndia would like to emphasize that the images utilized on the Website may be sourced from various locations on the Internet and are considered open source for representation purposes. The images and content circulating on the Internet are simultaneously in the public domain, allowing their use by interested parties. While exercising responsibility in our actions, iSportIndia never intentionally seeks to violate or infringe upon the rights of individuals or entities, as expressly stated by them.

If you are the sole rights holder of any image or material appearing on our website, kindly inform the company. Despite our efforts to avoid any violation of copyright or ownership rights, if any individual or entity has concerns about iSport India Pvt Ltd using their owned or copyrighted material without authorization or appropriate credits, they can submit a written complaint/notice/request to remove the image/content or other (please specify).


The submitted complaint/notice/request must include:

Name and valid details of the complainant, along with supporting documentation as proof of sole right ownership of the image, content, or other concerned materials. The exact location on the website where the content was first viewed by the aggrieved party, accompanied by visual proof and/or the URL link of the page. Specific details of the image, content, or other materials in question. A declaration addressed to iSportIndia asserting rightful ownership of the work used inappropriately by the company (to be used against the complainant if the complaint is found to be fraudulent, misleading, or defamatory).

If you are a second party writing on behalf of the original copyright holder, ensure attaching a letter of authority along with the physically or electronically signed declaration by the first party or the original copyright holder.

Incomplete or inappropriate submission of the above details to iSportIndia may result in the request not being considered in minor cases and may lead to legal action by the company in specific cases where an attempt is made to wrongfully frame iSportindia in a baseless case.

It is noteworthy that upon receiving a fully valid and verified complaint/notice/request, the company is obligated to respond to the aggrieved party in writing (via the email address used for the submission) acknowledging the receipt and specifying the duration during which the issue will be duly and rightfully addressed.

In adherence to the founding policy of the company, iSportIndia affirms its commitment to never intentionally claim rights over anything owned by any party other than iSportIndia or its associates.