MS Dhoni Expensive Cars Collection

Explore the luxurious car collection of MS Dhoni, featuring an array of high-end vehicles that reflect his extravagant taste.

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A Glimpse into MS Dhoni's Luxury Car Collection and Prices

MS Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian cricket team, really loves cars. He's the world's second-richest cricketer and has spent a lot of money on his car collection. In his hometown Ranchi, you can often spot him enjoying time with his cars on the streets. Even at home, he likes to drive around in his free time. On his 11th wedding anniversary, Dhoni gave his wife Sakshi a cool vintage Volkswagen Beetle. His car collection includes fancy, old-fashioned, and more affordable cars. In 2019, he showed his love for the Indian army by buying a car that used to be part of the army.

1. Hindustan Motors Ambassador

MS Dhoni possesses a Hindustan Motors Ambassador vehicle, formerly known as the 'Wheels of India.' This legendary car dominated the streets of India for a remarkable 55 years. In recent times, these cars have become a rare sight on Indian roads as Hindustan Motors halted the production of the Ambassador after 2014. Nevertheless, the charismatic cricketer has maintained and enhanced the magnificence of his car collection.

2. Nissan Jonga

In the year 2019, Dhoni expanded his impressive car collection by acquiring the Nissan Jonga, also referred to as the Nissan 4W73. This vehicle holds historical significance as it was previously utilized by the Indian armed forces for its exceptional capability to conquer challenging terrains. Notably, the jeep boasts a powerful 4-litre engine, capable of generating 110 Brake Horse Power (BHP) at 3200 revolutions per meter and 264 Newton-metre at 1200 revolutions per meter.

3. Mahindra Scorpio

In Worli, Mumbai, the Mahindra group presented Dhoni with a personalized Scorpio in February 2007. The esteemed automobile brand made alterations to the car's exterior to suit the dynamic wicket-keeper batter. During that time, Mahindra's sport utility vehicle (SUV) was considered one of the finest automobiles in the nation.

4. Mitsubishi Pajero SFX

MS Dhoni's garage is also home to a renowned SFX model of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. During its release, this vehicle garnered significant popularity among car enthusiasts. However, in 2021, Mitsubishi made the decision to bid farewell to the Pajero after successfully selling the off-roader for two editions in India.

5. Land Rover Freelander 2 & Land Rover 3