About Us

Welcome to iSportIndia, where dreams find their wings and aspirations are nurtured into realities. Our story is one of resilience, passion, and an unwavering commitment to turning dreams into achievements.

It all began in our younger days when the thrill of cricket courses through our veins. The dream to don the prestigious blue jersey and represent India on the cricket field was a shared vision. However, as fate would have it, our father, not a sports enthusiast, was unable to comprehend the fervor that burned within us. Undeterred by the lack of familial support, we set out on a journey to chase our cricketing dreams.

Life had other plans, and despite our best efforts, the dream of playing for India eluded us. Undaunted by the setbacks, we pursued higher education and earned a degree in mechanical engineering. The journey post-college was a challenging one, with the job market proving to be as competitive as the cricket field. Countless job applications, numerous interviews, and persistent efforts were met with disappointments.

However, the spirit of sportsmanship, resilience, and the burning desire to make a difference never waned. In 2023, the seeds of iSportIndia were sown. The vision was clear - to create a platform that would be a beacon of hope for young talents aspiring to make their mark in the world of sports.

iSportIndia is not just a venture; it's a movement. We understand the struggles faced by young athletes as they strive to carve a niche for themselves. Our mission is to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. We believe that every aspiring cricketer, regardless of background, deserves an opportunity to showcase their talent.

At iSportIndia, we go beyond conventional boundaries. Our focus extends from providing access to training facilities to assisting young athletes in securing sponsorships for grassroots tournaments. We recognize the importance of nurturing talent at the grassroots level and empowering the dreamers who aim to represent India on the international stage.

Our journey, marked by personal struggles and triumphs, has shaped the ethos of iSportIndia. We stand as a testament to the fact that setbacks are mere stepping stones to success. As we continue to grow and evolve, our commitment to fostering a culture of sportsmanship, perseverance, and inclusivity remains unwavering.

Join us at iSportIndia, where dreams are not just chased; they are built, nurtured, and transformed into inspiring success stories. Together, let's create a legacy of aspiring athletes who rise above challenges and proudly don the colors of India on the global sporting stage.